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I’m Here! May 30, 2008

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Finally, I’m here!  I was born via C-Section at Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas on May 28th and 8:21pm.  I weighed in at 7 pounds and 12 ounces and I’m a very long 21″.  I have very, very big hands and feet.  Dad took this picture just about 15 minutes after I was born — he’s taking lots and lots of pictures that will be posted here as soon as mom and dad can get home this weekend.

Aunt Ashley helped mom figure out the breastfeeding thing.  Grandma Annie was there making mom laugh.  Rafe came for a visit too, but he wouldn’t change my diaper.

So far, everything is good.  Mom is breastfeeding me regularly, daddy is changing all my diapers (he thinks that meconium stuff could potentially solve the world’s oil supply problems), and I’m sleeping all the time.  My pediatrician gave me a completely clean bill of health.  I’m really looking forward to getting home on Saturday!

First Picture


1. Duke - May 30, 2008

First comment! Yay! Nice job you two, you do great work!

2. Melissa D - May 30, 2008

Congratulations!! He is beautiful!!! I think he’s already taller than me – way to go, Phil! I cant wait to meet Xander and fill him in on what rockstars he has as parents. Much love to all of you!

3. Dorian - May 30, 2008

Thank God this kid looks like his mom…
Congrats again!

4. ace - May 30, 2008

xander is “all out” nice work. 2029 wsop here we come! if he wins the first event he will be 21 years and 2 days…tough to beat that!

5. Angele & Neil - May 30, 2008

Congratulations on the arrival of your little boy wonder

Exhibits unequaled drooling and astonishing feats of cuteness –
Original! One of a Kind! Baldish!

Your very own amazing small miracle.

Xander, we wish you all the best in exploring the joys and wonders of life. You’ve got a great headstart: an idyllic property in which to roam and brainy parents to watch your every move… leave the debilitating sunshine of Vegas and visit Vancouver soon! xo

6. Christie King - June 1, 2008

Congrats- he is beautiful.. Enjoy the fun times ahead. cannot wait to meet him. xo the Kings

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