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Poolside with Dad June 8, 2008

Posted by xandergordon in Uncategorized.

Had fun hanging out with Dad poolside earlier today. I haven’t yet gone in the pool but I’m looking forward to testing the water soon (after all, I need to pee in it to mark my territory!).

I was having a great siesta …

but he refused to let me sleep!

… said he wanted to see my imitation of Mom’s little dance/jig thing she does when she’s really happy …

Okay, there … are you happy??? Now let me get back to sleep Dad!! Go make mom some dinner or something.


1. Lachlan - June 10, 2008

so cute! like daddy!

2. Lachlan - June 12, 2008

we need more photos!

3. Patty - June 25, 2008

Great Photos! I hope I get a chance to meet him in person soon.

Xander – you’ve got a terrific Mom and Dad!

4. Grandpa Mike - July 11, 2008

You look like your dad and a little like the gordon side. I really liked holding you and hope to see you again soon. Love you, Grandpa Mike

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