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Back from Vancouver July 25, 2008

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I went on my first quick trip to Canada last week & it was awesome!  It was warm and sunny (but not the 110 degrees F I’m used to in Vegas) so I got to go outside in my stroller for walks along the water, meet a lot of people and generally be spoiled by my adoring fans.  I finally met my Uncle Gord (he takes after me, only not as good looking) and my Aunt Lenka (who spent a little TOO much time laughing with (at?) me …) as well as some of mommy’s friends.  I was really relaxed up there – the fresh air did me good 🙂

Rosemary, my doula, was in town for a big conference so mom helped me organize a roundtable discussion at the Terminal City Club (that Rosemary moderated) where me and some of my Vancouver cohorts got together to discuss how to train our parents better.

Rosemary answered a bunch of their questions in simple language that even parents could understand.

I scoped out our Vancouver condo and even went down to Point Roberts to help mommy at the site of our new cabin.  Marcy and I hung out while mommy met with the development team.  We’ll figure out my luxury play house later …

I went to Kathleen & David’s wedding and Christina & Skip’s wedding celebration party.  I even put on my tuxedo and, I dare say, looked pretty dashing.

Speaking of looking good, Mommy definitely has hot friends … can’t wait for them to either have daughters or for their daughters to get older :).  I couldn’t help but drool a little …

Anyhow, the visit was way too short (I’m exhausted just thinking about it) but we’ll be back up there in August and I can’t wait!

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