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Xman does Xmas December 26, 2008

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I entertained a bunch of my family this Christmas – I was so in demand even my Aunt Ashley, Uncle Ryan and cousins (who are Jewish and don’t usually celebrate Christmas) agreed to come participate in the whole Santa thing just to be with me (way to take one for the team Zakai, Anisa & Sarina!).


Granny & Grandpa Smith flew in from Vancouver with Uncle Gord.  Uncle Gord had a lot of fun with my cousins – he’s approximately their age so that all worked out …



but unfortunately Aunt Lenka was stuck back in Vancouver in MAJOR SNOW!  We missed her big time 😦


We also missed Grandpa Mike and Ann but we’ll see them in a few weeks when we go visit so that should be fun.

We did stockings,


Xmas tree, gingerbread stuff (Anisa is the best gingerbread house/tree/train maker ever!),


yummy Xmas dinner (thanks Annie & Daddy!)


and, of course, gifts :).


Sarina helped feed me one day (and slipped me some chocolate M&Ms when Daddy wasn’t looking) and Zakai destroyed Daddy in Wii bowling.

All and all, I dig the whole Xmas thing and can’t wait for next year.  But Mommy says now I have to be good for a WHOLE year??? Aw geez ….




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