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My first volleyball :) March 19, 2009

Posted by xandergordon in Uncategorized.

It all started here … Gary, my mom’s old (I mean former, no wait, I mean old) Volleyball coach, brought me my very first volleyball today – nice!  I have been working on my spike since day one so it was great that finally someone recognized my talents …


Since Mommy and Daddy met playing volleyball, I think it’s only appropriate that I grow up to be a professional beach volleyball player.  If nothing else, I’ll be able to pay my way through college winning easy $ off of Uncle Rafey on volleyball bets (just like Mommy did at his wedding in Mexico – thanks DiAnnis!).



1. Duke - March 20, 2009

We want a rematch! This time, you and Xander against Dorian and me, I think we’ll have a chance that way. 😉

2. ace - March 23, 2009

volleyball is also great for meeting girls with Fab Breasts

3. Dorian - March 24, 2009


Also agree w/ Ace.

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